IRIS invites you to stay in the coolest cozy beach hotel of the area of Monemvasia.

Where time seems to have stopped...



Our philosophy has been to stay true to the spirit with new era of hospitality and providing high-quality services.

Known throughout time under many names as either Monemvasia, Monovasia (the sole entrance), Malvasia, Menekse Kalesi (The Castle of the Violets), Gibraltar of the East or Balcony of the Middle Ages, the byzantine castle-citadel tempts visitors from all corners of the earth to share in its timeless charms, forever steeped in local legend and lore.

As soon as one crosses the bridge and sole ‘gateway’ which, also lends its name to the castle’s main gate, one senses the majesty and aura that the city’s long held history whispers to those who wish to be captivated by its charms. Travel through time with each and every step on the cobble stoned alleyways still thriving with life.

Thankfully, vehicles, noises, and daily stresses of our modern lives remain relegated outside the ancient walls that guard the city.

The only sounds that one can hear are the footsteps on the well trodden cobble stones that pave the network of alleyways criss-crossing the citadel. Each byway grants the visitor, a genuine feel of times gone by.

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World hotel, a brand new hotel with new management method inside thinks about
providing satisfied customers.


Definitely one of the best terraces of the area, it offers a spectacular view of the sea and the castle, inspiring a relaxed mood like no other. This is the heart of the hotel and our preferred place for taking breakfast, and enjoying a coffee or a cold beer in the evening.


Comfy sofas to slip down in a modern setting, free and fast wi-fi, endless free coffee & Cookies jars all day long, airconditioning, and a bookcase full of handpicked books and board games, all those details that make IRIS LOBBY the most inviting place for relaxing or working for a while.


Located in the lobby and serving at the grand terrace, it offers good coffee (hot & cold), soft drinks, fresh juice, desserts, beer and alcolhol drinks until late at night with a great view. Follow the day and the summer mood ``eat - drink - love`` and don't miss the serenity nights with the soft drink under the moonlight view that will capture your glance and your heart.


The best way to start your day. Good coffee & green herbs or teas. Freshly squeezed juice from local oranges, good quality cheese and cold cuts variety, fresh eggs from local, free-range hens, home-made jams, locally produced honey, cereals, bread and other delicious bites with traditional local products. Awarded from the Greek Chamber of Hotels.


We have passion with good music and we love sharing the hand-picked gems from all music genres with our guests. If you love good music, your ears will thank you for your choice. We know that each part of the day has its own rhythms, and that's why we are always accompanying them with the right music at Iris.


We are located next to the best beach of Monemvasia, the beach of Ambelakia. During your stay with us, you may anjoy the seaside and the sandy beach all day non-stop. It only takes walking 100 meters to reach the beach.

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